ADD 3-TO-5 INTernational
CLIENTS to your business EACH MONTH!

Nothing is more critical to the growth of your business than generating predictable, recurring revenues. Without this you can’t invest in new products and services, hire the best people or raise funding.

Enter The Launch Code – a business development system that teaches you how to add 3-5 international clients to your business each month….in just 8 weeks.

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Watch this video to learn how The Launch Code will help you build predictable, B2B recurring revenues.

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I've shared the 3 pillars of predictable, recurring B2B revenues with hundreds of startups in 10 industries

1. FOCUS your offer and message, so prospects understand what you’re selling.

2. BUILD a structured sales model, so you consistently close new deals. 

3. EXECUTE based on targets, so you focus your efforts and reach your sales and marketing goals. 

Does this sound like you?

I’m looking for B2B tech founders who want to generate predictable, recurring B2B revenues!

If you’ve had it with not knowing where your next client is coming from, and this sounds like you…

  • B2B services, enterprise and/or SaaS sales, global focus
  • Present in the market with paying customers
  • Beyond seed stage, but before Series A investment

…then click the button below and book a video call so we can determine if The Launch Code is a good fit for you and you can start adding 3-to-5 international clients to your business each month!

Make sure you watch this video presentation before booking our call.

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The Launch Code is a simple, easy-to-use blueprint

get the same high impact content
at three levels of service




‘Do-it-Yourself with Help’


‘Do-it-With Me’

B2B TECH FOUNDERS Love The Launch Code!

“Working with Zoltan is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”
Steve Ruszina
CEO & Co-Founder, Invention Factory
“The Lauch Code's pragmatic and results-oriented approach convinced us in just one or two sessions. Our work generated goals, processes, and solutions that we immediately put into practice.”
Anita Breuer
Co-Founder & CEO, Logiscool
“The Launch Code provided us with a set of practical sales and marketing tools that we started using right away. The results have been amazing.”
Norbert Papp
Founder & CEO, Syndicast
“The Launch Code has had a massive impact on our execution and we are just getting started implementing all the great insight, tools, and advice. To all B2B founders: check out The Launch Code! I could not imagine doing without it in our current stage of growth.”
Simon Neal
Founder & CEO, CampMap
“The Launch Code helped us clarify our communication and focus on the right markets and customers. We managed to get 25 new clients in Europe.”
Kinga Dancshazy
Co-Founder & CEO, D-Tag

30 years of Experience - $2 Billion in B2B Sales

I’m a startup mentor, trainer and speaker who helps B2B tech startups generate predictable, recurring revenues globally by applying my 3-pillar business development system called The Launch Code. 

The Launch Code helps you focus your offer and message, build a structured sales model, and execute based on targets.

It is built on the principles, tools and techniques I’ve used to close $2 billion in B2B sales over my 30-year career as a senior corporate executive, entrepreneur, investor and advisor – including as Sr. Vice President/Global Sales at NBCUniversal International. 

I’ve helped hundreds of B2B tech startups across multiple industries and countries – including the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe – to build predictable recurring revenues and generate massive growth on an international scale. 

Even seasoned sales professionals love The Launch Code!

You’re one step away from adding 3-5 international clients to your BUSINESS each month!

Make sure to watch my video presentation below to confirm that The Launch Code is good fit with your needs!

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